Reasons to go for Hair Extensions

  • If you need an instant boost in confidence. As we grow older, we realize the importance of fuller and longer hair. Irrespective of your age, hair extensions can change the way you look.
  • Break the monotony. Everyone gets bored with natural hair. Extensions are a great way to experiment with color without damaging your hair, unlike bleaching.
  • Grow your hair instantly. If you have short hair but wish it were longer, then it is simpler to get hold of extensions.

What are the different types of extensions?

  1. Clip-in Extensions. Perfect for a party. They are so easy to use that all you have to do is clip them on.
  2. Tape extensions. A bioadhesive tape holds the extensions together. These extensions last for about two months. Experts recommend that you shampoo with a sulfate-free formula. Also, experts advise against applying conditioner to the roots. The applying conditioner can loosen the tape. People who need to exercise while wearing them can do it by using dry shampoo that can prevent sweat from loosening the tape.

How do I choose the right match for my hair?

Extensions come in a variety of colors, and depending on your taste, you could go for a straight one or curly one. One quick tip from our side- when choosing your shade, always go for a darker side. This will give you a natural look. As for texture, it’s best to match the extensions to your hair’s original state so that you can air-dry easily.


When brushing your AHS hair extensions start brushing about an inch from the top of the hair and use a looped brush, this will prevent pulls, make sure all knots and tangles are gone and never comb through your hair extensions while they are wet.


Gently wash your Extensions in lukewarm water, apply a little bit of sulfate-free shampoo, rinse out the shampoo, and apply hydrating conditioner. Rinse thoroughly. With Clip-in extensions, you must wash it after 6-7 uses. Use a sink, and do not try to clean it when it is still on your head. You can use conditioner or dry shampoo in between your wash.


It is okay if you need to apply heat and use hot tools, but you must apply a protecting spray before using any heat tools. Some cautions need to be taken while styling your hair as too much use of these tools can cause damage to your extensions. Another tip is to use these tools only when the hair is dried.


Always store your precious extensions in a dry place. Experts also recommend that you check whether the extensions are completely dry and then store them.

Also, it is highly recommended you do not go to bed with your clip-in extensions. This might cause a lot of damage to your hair. But if they are tape-in extensions, then you must dry your hair before going to sleep.