Electronic Distributor Class

Educate distributors about the basic knowledge of the extensions. Product knowledge, product usage, correct consultation, pre-application, application, removal and re-application.

  • The Service of Selling. Keeping it Real!!!
  • Expectations of the Stylist, Expectations of the end users.
  • 3 easy steps to personalize American Hair Shop for each individual.
  • American Hair Shop Product Launch.


  • Educate stylists in product knowledge, product usage, marketing, consultation, pre-application, application, cutting, maintenance, removal, and re-application. With use of Manikin
  • Full application demonstration.
  • Removal and reapplication process for American Hair Shop Hair Extensions.
  • Do’s and Don’ts for stylists and clients.

(includes a printable copy for clients)


  • Hands-On course.
  • Learn company history, product innovations, marketing, and consultation techniques.
  • Application of American Hair Shop products ranging from Originals, Clip In’s
  • Learn how to accurately blend, remove and reapply American Hair Shop Hair Extensions.
  • Cutting Techniques on one live model.


  • Advanced Hands-On course.
  • Learn advanced techniques beyond just adding length.
  • Learn American Hair Shop Hair Extensions color techniques, haircut corrections, color correction and much more.
  • Learn multiple techniques using multiple products that will take your extension business from average to elite.
  • All techniques are performed on individual manikins.