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American Hair Shop is based in Seattle, Washington, USA and currently works with salons and distributors around the world.

We offers hair extensions made from high quality 100% human Remy natural hair.

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We would like to introduce ourselves; our names are Melanie and Muna and we co-founded American Hair Shop in 2017.Melanie is a hairstylist with over a decade of experience in hair extensions, and a previous background of Pharmaceutical Sales and International Business. Melanie is American Hair Shops’s Beauty Director. Yep that’s right she is in charge of making you all beautiful!!
We are great friends that travel together a lot, we always wear hair extensions. It makes our lives so much easier to always have a great hair day!
Muna is in charge of business development. Yep, she is always developing the company, but let be real we both wear many hats and if you work with our extensions you will eventually come in contact with one of us. Muna speaks 5 languages and has traveled quite a lot knowing her way around different industries. Her background in business and law is a key factor for the American Hair Shop.
We complement each other very well even though we have totally different personalities.
Before we started our company, we would always complain about the style and quality of hair extensions available in the market, so we came up with an idea to improve the current hair extensions and our amazing journey began. We went to international tradeshows, designed prototypes and a quality control case test, and slowly everything started to fall into place because it is what we love and you can never go wrong if you are doing what you are passionate about.

At AHS you will find only high quality 100% human Remy hair, all of our extensions are double drawn in a variety of colors that are easy to apply without tools or heat. We carry a variety of treatments, lengths and colors, the versatile clip-in extension to wear every day on a special occasion and proper training by a specialist with more than 10 years of experience.
To our local and international distributors, we offer

  • Excellent customer service.
  • Education and certification.
  • Support with marketing materials, banners (digital marketing) and Social media.
  • Domestic tradeshow brand awareness. We exhibit locally in the USA and Internationally.
  • Distributor prices.
  • Fast worldwide shipment and more.

American Hair Shop is based in Seattle, Washington, USA and currently works with salons and distributors around the world.